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connecticut home loans
connecticut home loans

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connecticut home loans
connecticut home loans
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Realty and Mortgage Professionals:
Team of the Future

With "For Sale By Owner" programs becoming rampant on the internet, a do-it-yourself trend seems to be the future for home owners looking to sell their homes. To remain a viable alternative to the FSBO method of home selling, Realty and Mortgage Professionals MUST change their approach to business or risk being consumed by the wave of change. After the current Sellers' market evaporates, an evolved team approach should become the standard in real estate.

When professional people work together toward a common goal, the magic of "synergy" makes the end result easier without a lot of additional effort from either. In this new age of marketing, simply placing your home in the MLS and holding open houses miss the mark for effective marketing strategies. Working with a professional team that includes a Mortgage Professional and a REALTOR, you'll have a hands-free system working for you. The ability to offer multiple financing options for your home along with a high-touch response system will give you an edge by making it easy to capture buyers for your home.

The system we utilize works as follows. By placing focused ads in several publications, the team generates many more calls from Buyers and can track the effectiveness of this marketing effort. Contained within the body of the ads is a response mechanism offering hassle-free, pre-recorded information to interested callers. Buyers call while at the peak of their interest and listen to a recorded description of your home. A critically important feature is that the caller's telephone number is identified and forwarded to both the Agent and Mortgage Professional…even if the caller forgets to leave their telephone number. This capability multiplies your chances for a sale. The marketing of your property is accomplished around the clock whether or not an Agent is sitting next to a phone. Additionally, this system allows the professional team to track WHERE the call was triggered.

For example: if ads are placed in the New Milford Times, News Times, a sign rider, and a flyer, each ad will have a different response number assigned to it. This way, as responses are logged, it can be determined WHICH advertising medium is most effective at triggering the responses. So marketing efforts (and dollars) can be re-deployed based on the results to reach the market attracted to your particular property.

Once the responses start, the "weeding-out" process begins. The Mortgage Professional pre-qualifies interested people, making sure that they actually qualify for a mortgage to purchase your home. This capability also screens out the tire-kickers and time-wasters, yielding only truly motivated and - more importantly - qualified Buyers for your home. When working as a team, this process is handled more efficiently with each professional handling the details for her/his part in the transaction.

By embracing technology and the synergy of a team approach to home selling, home Sellers WILL have an excellent tool at their disposal. This approach ultimately translates into savings for Sellers. As real estate commissions continue to be forced downward by forces using the internet, only those with innovative marketing skills and alliances will be left standing.

Mark Atkinson is a partner in A&M Mortgage Solutions, a mortgage resource for those buying, selling or refinancing real estate. He can be reached by phone at (860) 350-8400. E-mail at


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